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lavender (sample of music for PoliNations)

The 'Lavender' soundtrack composed by Rosie Tee was available to listen to between 2 - 18 September or via the PoliNations website.

commissioned for PoliNations

created  & produced by Trigger Stuff

presented as part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival

for the Commonwealth Games

Installed September 2022.

Commissioned by PoliNations to compose a soundtrack inspired by Lavender as part of their Iconic Plants series.

A spectacular city-centre garden of magical proportions, PoliNations is an epic array of colour and nature. Giant architectural trees and thousands of plants transformed Victoria Square into an urban oasis.


Via headphones, audience travelled throughout the super garden in a zen like experience, listening to music and audio responses to the iconic plants, finding out how they came to UK.


Sound Seat is a sensory 

sculpture commissioned by Coventry City of Culture.

Artists & long-time collaborators, Rosie Tee & Bryony Simcox have come together to create a bespoke sculpture for the Sensory Garden in Coventry's War Memorial Park.

“We believe cities need more green spaces which create moments for calm reflection. With this in mind we’ve created Sound Seat, a sensory sculpture which includes playable recycled instruments and a soundscape made up of natural field recordings from the city. We hope people grow to love this organic structure and come to sit, listen and play.”

Nestled amongst greenery, Sound Seat is accompanied by an atmospheric, site-specific ambient soundtrack composed by Rosie entitled 'twist and turn', featuring the voices of people who enjoy the park and birdsong from the local area.

Sound Seat will remain installed in the Sensory Garden for the foreseeable future for many to experience and enjoy.

Commissioned by Coventry City of Culture,

in collaboration with

Friends of War Memorial Park for #GreenFutures,

supported by National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Installed May 2022.

twist and turn (sample of music for Sound Seat)

'Propel' is an energetic driving force of harmony & color, orchestrated for a unique large ensemble including woodwind, brass, drum kit, electric guitar and keyboards.

It was first premiered at Musis Arnhem in the Netherlands to a sold out audience on 25 November 2020, and has since had multiple repeat performances, including at Gaudeaumus Festival in Utrecht in 2021.

Commissioned by Orkest de Ereprijs

Premiered on 25 November 2022.

'Propel' is a 10-minute composition commissioned by Orkest De Ereprijs.

Rosie composed this work for the dutch ensemble Orkest De Erepijs in 2020, with thanks to a special commission from the Frank van der Wal Fund.


Rosie was invited to create a brand new work for the ensemble following her participation in the International Young Composers Meeting 2019.


propel (sample of music for Orkest de Erepijs)
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