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"glorious colours and textures"


"an album you don't want to miss"


available on 12" eco-vinyl & digital


Rosie Tee spellbinds once more with ‘Night Creature’ - an avant-pop cryptid and the first release from Kikimora Records. This six track mini-album imagines folk tales from Tee’s Polish roots through a haze of purring synths and spacious beats.

Written in an old church in the Brecon Beacons, the tracks have been carefully arranged with Tee and her quartet over almost two years of rehearsal and live shows, committing them to recording in the Spring of 2023. The band (Kai Chareunsy, Dan Cippico and Piera Onacko) all contribute their voices to the hallucinatory collage which is ‘Night Creature’.

Each arrangement transports the listener to a forest of lush textures before revealing Tee’s trademark imagist lyrics. Grounded in her folk music background, ‘Night Creature’ populates its sound worlds with fantastical characters. “In Polish folklore, a female house spirit is known as a Kikimora,” Tee explains. “Often visualised as a moth, she can either be a ‘cruel’ or a ‘kind’ spirit. Depending on the home she dwells in, the Kikimora can be a caring protector or a bringer of havoc.”

Produced by Town Studios and mastered by Weird Jungle collective, the recordings emboss textures that suggest a sense of place; with the title single ‘Night Creature’ and its music video forming a love letter to the emerging NightGarden festival Tee co-produces in Manchester’s hinterland. Dive deep into the songs and they conjure images of secret gatherings with otherworldly revellers and neon bouncing off glossy leaves. Follow ‘Night Creature’ through the undergrowth, and see what you find. 


released April 26, 2024

Written & performed by Rosie Tee with Piera Onacko, Dan Cippico & Kai Chareunsy

Additional strings by Emily Dore (tracks 3, 5 & 6)
Recorded & Mixed by Sam Baldwin, Town Studios
Mastered by Stephen Kerrison, Weird Jungle Collective
Recorded at Megatone Studios, Birmingham in June 2023
Artwork by Sleep Sparrow

© Kikimora Records

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